Popular Hormone Therapy Treatments in 2022

While we may associate hormones with tumultuous times like puberty, the truth is that hormones play a huge role in our bodies throughout our entire lifetime. Hormones regulate things like hunger, temperature, and sex drives in every human, and imbalances can have severe effects on our health. As we age, these imbalances become more common and have a larger impact on our lives. In order to address problems brought about by hormonal changes, many people seek hormone replacement therapy.

To address these imbalances and other problems, there are a variety of hormone therapies available, and we learn more about what can be done every year. As we enter 2022, these are 3 types of hormone therapy you are likely to hear about the most often.

3 Most Popular in 2022

1. Synthetic Hormones

Traditionally, synthetic hormones have been the main way hormone therapy was administered. These are commonly used in prescription birth control pills as well as hormone replacement therapy, and involve compounds designed to mimic the natural hormones produced by the body. For women, this would be estrogen and progesterone, and in men it is testosterone. 

Synthetic hormone therapy focuses on the major hormones and creates dosages and formulas based on what we know about those particular levels. The hormones are administered either orally or topically, and the body then converts them to a usable form. These also come in prepackaged doses and combinations, so the issuing doctor will choose the amount that most closely matches the imbalance. It may take a number of dosages to settle on the one that works best.

While it is effective, synthetic hormone replacement also has a number of common side effects. Synthetic estrogen and progesterone can cause breast tenderness, nausea, increased risk of various conditions like breast cancer and osteoporosis, and fluid retention. Synthetic testosterone has been linked to headaches, anxiety, loss of sex drive, and sleep problems. Developments in recent years has lessened these effects, which are often less severe than the hormonal imbalance’s effects, but because the treatment is synthetic, they will always exist to some extent.

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2. Cross-Species Hormone Therapy

One of the earliest forms of hormone therapy involved using hormones derived from horses to treat human patients. This was effective to an extent, and some preferred the natural hormone to a synthetic one. However, because humans and horses are not biologically identical, these do not serve as an exact replacement and the effectiveness is less than synthetic options.

3. Bioidentical Hormone Therpay

As the most recent and innovative form of hormone therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement uses naturally derived hormones that are chemically identical to the hormones found in the human body to rebalance or restore natural hormone levels. This allows the therapy to restore the body’s chemistry and naturally replenish the levels that drop with age, addressing specific symptoms and conditions. 

Bioidentical hormones are made from naturally derived compounds and based on each individual. A complete evaluation of current hormone levels is conducted and analyzed, after which a trained doctor is able to determine exactly what hormones are needed. The bioidentical hormone replacement is then administered, targeting the specific areas of concern.

Because these hormones have a structure identical to those we naturally produce, the body is able to accept them and respond as if they are native hormones, eliminating side effects while restoring optimal health.

In addition to traditional oral and topical options, bioidentical hormones can be administered via pellets that are inserted into the gluteal area, allowing a consistent dose of the hormones to enter the bloodstream, ensuring success. Because the pellets contain nothing more than hormones your body would naturally produce, they are dissolved and absorbed by the body with no lingering components.

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