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Miami Vein Center is a Vascular Disease practice specializing in the treatment of venous diseases. Led by Dr. Jose Almeida, MD, FACS, RPVI, RVT, a veteran board certified vascular surgeon, professor, academic, author and world leader in vascular disease management. Dr. Almeida practices Endovascular Venous Surgery in the comfort and convenience of a private facility in Miami, FL. Patients choose Dr. Almeida due to his experience, professionalism and results. Other doctors refer to Dr. Almeida due to his ability & skill to diagnosis and treat even the most difficult vein disease cases. 

Miami Vein Treatments

At the Miami Vein Center we provide effective vein treatments using surgical and non-surgical methods. Using minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Almeida is able to produce life-changing results while also reducing scaring, complications and recovery time. The medical team at Miami Vein Center also maintains the latest in energy & laser technology to offer non-surgical vein treatments with no down-time and no discomfort. Contact the patient care specialist today to learn more while experiencing honesty and professionalism of a top rated venous surgeon.

Dr. Jose Almeida, MD, FACS, RPVI, RVT

Dr. Almeida is a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery in both Vascular Surgery and General Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and Distinguished Fellow of the American Venous Forum.

Dr. Almeida has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and textbook chapters on vascular surgery and sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Vascular Surgery Venous and Lymphatic Disorders. Dr. Almeida is also the author and editor of the “Atlas of Endovascular Venous Surgery” published in 2002.

Dr. Almedia is also the founder of the International Vein Congress, which is an annual conference to educate other venous surgeons. The top vascular surgeons in the world present at the conference and share ideas and techniques that improve patient comfort, treatment results and health.

The 3 Stages of VEnous Disease


spider vein back of legs illustration

Spider Veins

Cosmetic Issue

Spider Veins is a cosmetic condition that is treated with Sclerotherapy (spider vein injections). Dr. Almeida is involved with the evaluation and treatment is performed by the nurse. An ultrasound is not required. Spider veins will not harm you if left untreated and this is not a medically necessary procedure. Non-surgical.

Beware of Fraud: You do not need an ultrasound to treat spider veins. Seek a vein professional.


varicose veins on back of leg illustration

Varicose Veins

Leaky Veins

Bulging Varicose veins are a medical problem. When veins bulge it means they are under pressure and there is something going on inside of the leg. An ultrasound is necessary and should be done in an accredited lab. Strict protocol must be followed for accurate results during the ultrasoud.

Beware of Fraud: You do not need an ultrasound to treat spider veins. Seek a vein professional.


ADvanced Venous Disease

Swelling, Skin Damage & Ulcers

stage 1 advanced venous disease illustration
stage 2 advanced venous disease illustration
stage 3 advanced venous disease illustration

Caused by deep veins (Deep vein thrombosis – DVT) or blood clots. A fresh blood clot in a deep femoral vein DVT (acute) may break up and cause pulmonary embolism (clot breaking and going into the lungs), which makes this something we must immediately treat and anticoagulats with medicine and we may also go after it with thrombolysis.

After it is there chronically for a long time it becomes a scar blocking the vein causing post thrombotic syndrome, causing skin damange and ulcer.  Treated with Balloon angioplasty of obstruction and stenting.

Veins that are diseased with previous blood clots tend to obstruct and scar down blockage. The treatment is to open them with angioplasty or stents.

Beware of Fraud: You do not need an ultrasound to treat spider veins. Seek a vein professional.

Before & After Photos

Actual patients of Dr. Jose Almeida at Miami Vein Center

varicose vein treatment before and after
varicose vein treatment before and after
varicose vein treatment before and after
varicose vein treatment before and after

Patient Reviews


From the moment you walk through the front door you feel welcome. From the reception to the nurse, technician to the Dr it was a great experience. I would recommend this facility to anyone.

Paul T.

Google Review


I went in for routine sclerotherapy however I had to have a vein looked at. The doctor was thorough and answered all of my questions. His staff was knowledgeable and did a great job of easing my fears.

Kasey C.

Google Review


Dr. Almeida is a reputable, respected vascular specialist, his entire office and the team are kind, thorough, professional and helpful. Very grateful I went to Miami Vein Center it's a credible practice to trust with your health.

Ana S.

Yelp Review

Get to know a world leader in vascular disease management

In 2003, Dr. Almeida introduced the International Vein Congress (IVC) – a global educational forum in venous disease management. He is the author and editor of the “Atlas of Endovascular Venous Surgery” textbook published in 2002.

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