Spider Veins = Category 1 of Venous Disease

Spider veins are superficial blood vessels that develop surface to the skin, which may be red, blue, or purple in appearance. Spider veins are frequently found on the legs and are considered a cosmetic problem.

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Spider veins are usually asymptomatic, however they can cause itching, tingling, and discomfort. Treatments are available with sclerotherapy injections or laser. Since spider veins are primarily treated for cosmetic purposes, they are not a covered insurance benefit.


Reticular veins, also known as feeder veins, are the dilated blue and green veins beneath the skin surface. They are generally hereditary. Reticular veins can exist independently but can also be the underlying problem that gives rise to surface spider veins. These veins are also considered a cosmetic problem since they do not lead to substantial medical symptoms or complications.

Dr. Almedia describes Spider Veins

Risk Factors of Spider Veins

  1. Genetics
  2. Age
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Birth Control

Spider Vein Treatment with Sclerotherapy

Spider Vein Before & After


Spider veins are treated primarily for cosmetic purposes by injection or laser therapy, therefore they are not a covered insurance benefit.

At Miami Vein Center, we offer various treatment options for spider vein removal:

  • Conventional Sclerotherapy – A medical solution that is injected directly into affected veins
  • Foam Sclerotherapy – The solution is turned into a foamy, cream-like consistency, where it can be detected on ultrasound technology
  • Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy– Utilizes advanced ultrasound technology to accurately detect underlying veins and monitor the safe and effective injections of the sclerotherapy solution.

Why Choose Miami Vein Center?

There are several locations in Southern Florida to have your spider veins removed, but only Miami Vein Center specializes primarily in vascular diseases and treatment. Doctor Almeida will take the time to assess your individual condition and properly diagnose your vascular condition.

While spider veins can be caused by a variety of factors such as genetics, lifestyle, careers that involve prolonged periods of standing or sitting and certain clotting conditions, identifying the presence of venous reflux disease or other serious vascular conditions coupled with expert treatment can help prevent these vessels from redeveloping over time.

During your consultation, Dr. Almeida will discuss your health and medical history with you to determine which course of treatment is best as well as any potential risks or side effects that could apply to you. Your treatment plan will be created using the least invasive methods and the latest technology, and all vascular treatments are done in-house at Miami Vein Center.

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