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What is Endovascular Venous Surgery?

By Dr. Jose Almeida

April 11, 2016

endovascular venous surgery


Varicose veins can be a problem at any time of life, but they are especially prevalent among aging women. Risk factors for varicose veins include obesity, family history, gender, pregnancy and insufficient movement. While mild to moderate varicose veins can often be alleviated by wearing support hose or prescription-strength compression stockings, severe problems could require endovascular venous surgery.

Treatments for Varicose Veins

There are a number of ways in which varicose veins can be treated or controlled depending upon their location, severity and cause. Most doctors will first recommend a number of strategic lifestyle changes, particularly if factors such as excess body weight are believed to be the underlying issue.

People with varicose veins are advised against standing or sitting for long periods of time. When support hose or compression stockings are not sufficient for limiting the progression of varicose veins or alleviating their symptoms, however, surgical intervention can be made to either remove the veins in question or close them off.

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What Happens When Veins Are Closed or Removed?

Surprisingly, neither vein closure nor vein removal is known to have any negative effects on overall blood flow. Once a vein has been surgically closed off or removed, the body will simply route the blood through other veins. This type of treatment is intended to have permanent results, whereas compression stockings and support hose simply limit the appearance and progression of protruding veins.

How Vein Closures Are Performed

There are a number of options for vein closure and vein removal. Endovascular venous surgery is currently hailed as the least invasive and most effective method for permanently treating varicose veins in many instances.

Also referred to as endovenous ablation therapy, this procedure uses heat from radio waves or lasers to effectively close varicose veins off. During this treatment, the targeted vein is heated and is then permanently sealed off. Once this closure has occurred, there will no longer be the risk of having blood pool in this area, thereby causing pain and inflammation.

The Benefits of Endovascular Venous Surgery

One of the most impressive benefits gained via endovascular venous surgery is the ability to move comfortably, and with renewed confidence and at minimal risk. When compared to procedures such as vein stripping and ligation, endovascular venous surgery is safer, easier and less likely to cause short or long-term complications.

With vein stripping and ligation, the veins are actually tied shut and removed as opposed to simply being closed off. Moreover, with endovascular venous surgery, patients e typically free to return home on the day of their procedures.

Endovascular Venous Surgery is also available for May-Thurner Syndrome (iliac vein compression causing leg swelling) and pelvic congestion syndrome (varicose veins of the pelvis in women after childbirth).

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Finding an effective treatment plan for varicose veins can seem daunting. There are a number of treatment options to choose from, as well as a host of preventative measures that can be used to limit the impact that varicose veins have on your overall well-being. Scheduling a consultation at the Miami Vein Center in Miami is the first step in determining whether or not endovascular venous surgery is the best corrective measure for you.

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Dr. Jose Almeida

About the author

Dr. Jose Almeida, MD, FACS, RPVI, RVT is a veteran academic vascular surgeon who practices Endovascular Venous Surgery in Miami, FL. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery in both Vascular Surgery and General Surgery.

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