April 10


Supplements for Varicose Veins

By Dr. Jose Almeida

April 10, 2019

What supplements can help prevent or treat varicose veins?

Supplements are becoming ever more common to take for memory, gut health, and joint health. But did you know that there are also supplements that may be beneficial for the treatment of varicose veins? 

"Supplements alone do not treat varicose veins."

What causes varicose veins in the legs?

Please keep in mind that supplements used for varicose veins help to promote healthy circulation and do not treat the structural problem in varicose veins, which is the malfunctioning valves and stretched vein walls. There are many herbal and vitamin based supplements that are available over the counter to help with circulation.

Supplements are not as closely monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as prescription medications. Some supplements may even interact with your prescription medications. If you are considering the use of supplements to help with treatment of your varicose veins and take prescription medication, you should consult with your doctor to ensure these products are safe with your current medication regimen.

Vitamins that help with circulation

Perhaps some of the more well known products are vitamins, with vitamins B, C, E, and K being most important for circulation. Although all of these can be taken in the form of a supplement, such as a pill or capsule, eating the right kind of food can also boost these vitamins in your diet.

If you have difficulty fulfilling the right amount of vitamins in your daily diet, no matter the reason, taking it in a pill form will still provide your body with the benefits of the vitamin.

Why are varicose veins common in the legs?

Herbs are different than vitamins and there is less medical evidence of their efficacy, but they are regarded as beneficial in the naturopathic community.

Some common herbs that have been used for varicose veins are:

  • Grape Seed Extract​
  • Horse Chestnut Extract​
  • Butcher’s Broom​
  • Chromium​
  • Cayenne​
  • Gingko Biloba​
  • Diosmin​

All of which are helping to improve circulation through reducing cholesterol, enhance blood flow, reduce stickiness of blood, and/or strengthen vein walls. Learn more about varicose veins in the legs here: https://www.miamivein.com/varicose-veins-legs/

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Combining Supplements with other Treatments

Be advised that supplements alone won’t address the varicose veins fully, but are best used in combination with other treatments, such as exercise, compression stockings, weight loss, and elevation. It is important to speak with your doctor prior to taking any extra vitamins, herbs, or supplements, to ensure their safety, based on your health history and current use of medications. 

Learn more about compression stockings for varicose veins in this blog post below.

What to do if you experience varicose veins

If supplements and conservative treatments do not help with your varicose veins, then it may be time to contact a vein specialist.

Dr. Jose Almeida is a board certified vascular surgeon, at the Miami Vein Center and a leading expert in the care of varicose veins. He has years of experience helping patients prevent, treat and manage the complications of varicose veins.

Dr. Jose Almeida

About the author

Dr. Jose Almeida, MD, FACS, RPVI, RVT is a veteran academic vascular surgeon who practices Endovascular Venous Surgery in Miami, FL. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery in both Vascular Surgery and General Surgery.

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