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About Ultrasound Vascular Screening

By Dr. Jose Almeida

June 15, 2015


Going to the doctor for testing can be a frightening experience, but examination by an ultrasound device is fast, thorough and painless. According to Dr. Jose Almeida, the sole practitioner and vascular doctor in Miami Vein Center, ultrasound devices are the best way to see inside your legs without actually seeing inside your legs. Intrigued yet? Read on to find out about duplex ultrasound testing.

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What do residents of Miami, FL need to know about ultrasound devices?

Vein doctors perform a comprehensive medical examination to determine your condition, including a thorough medical history and a physical exam. In order to make the most accurate diagnosis for your venous condition, the doctor will need to look inside your legs at the veins themselves. To do this, vein doctors rely on a device called duplex ultrasound.

A duplex ultrasound device is a small, hand-held object called a “transducer.” It is connected to a monitor and collects two different types of information for the doctor. Regular ultrasound uses harmless sound waves to reflect off the sides of the vein walls. The sound waves return to the device and create an image of the vein walls on a screen. Another type of ultrasound, called Doppler ultrasound, uses sound waves to bounce off of objects that move, such as blood. Doppler ultrasound measures how blood moves inside the veins, such as the speed at which blood flows through the veins. All of these waves are recorded by the device and manipulated into a visual format to be read by the doctor.

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This test is typically performed in your doctor’s office, where the transducer is gently passed over the legs and sometimes the abdomen. Sometimes a regular blood pressure cuff is used in conjunction with this device in order to compare the circulation in the upper body to the blood pressure in the lower body.

By reading the results from the pictures that the ultrasound imaging provides, the doctor is able to make a more accurate assessment of your condition than by medical history and symptoms alone. By viewing the images created by the ultrasound device and taking all the other assessment information into account, the doctor is able to make a better judgment as to the proper treatment for your specific condition. Most vein disease treatments in Miami such as sclerotherapy and vein laser surgery are just as effective as traditional surgeries but without all the painful cutting and recovery time.

My legs hurt! I need the best vein doctor in Miami!

If you are experiencing leg pain, throbbing or if your legs are riddled with spider and varicose veins, a Miami vascular doctor is the right person to see. At your initial appointment, you will complete a thorough medical and family history and an ultrasound exam. Then, with the help of the ultrasound imaging, the doctor will be able to offer the best course of treatment for your needs. Dr. Jose Almeida is a board certified vascular surgeon who will see to it that you have the best possible care. Schedule your appointment today by calling (305) 851-7571. You’ll be glad you did!

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Dr. Jose Almeida

About the author

Dr. Jose Almeida, MD, FACS, RPVI, RVT is a veteran academic vascular surgeon who practices Endovascular Venous Surgery in Miami, FL. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery in both Vascular Surgery and General Surgery.

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