February 1


What is Edema and How is it Treated?

By Dr. Jose Almeida

February 1, 2016



Edema is a general medical term that is used to describe swelling that occurs in an isolated or small area after an injury. It is formed when the blood vessels start to leak and release fluid into the surrounding tissue.

The excess accumulation of this fluid causes the tissue to swell. This is a completely normal body response to an injury. Treating your edema in a timely manner is the best way to reduce the swelling and treat the underlying condition.

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Edema can be caused by almost any injury or inflammation to the body. Edema is such a normal and common condition that it can be caused by everything from a sprained muscle or a skin infection.

The best way to treat and eliminate edema is to treat the underlying cause of the swelling in your body. One of the most common and easily treated causes of edema is an allergic reaction.

If this is the main cause of your body swelling, then we treat the edema. You should also limit your intake of salt to reduce your chances of edema when suffering from congestive heart failure or liver disease.

If you are experiencing edema in your leg, then there is a chance that it is being caused by something else – such as vein breakdown. This can be from superficial vein leakage caused by defective valves, or more seriously, blockage of a deep vein.

Since the fluid in your body can’t properly drain, it will start to swell the surrounding tissue, usually the ankle. If this is the cause of your edema, then minimally invasive procedures are available for correcting these conditions.

Most procedures are done with local anesthesia in the office setting using “twilight” sedation. The overwhelming majority of patients can return to work the next day.

Since there are so many things that can cause edema, it is best to get it quickly checked out by an experienced professional. Your edema may the result of something minor or it can be a symptom of a much more serious condition.

If you get treatment in a timely manner, then you can return to your normal routines once the underlying condition is quickly cured.

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Dr. Jose Almeida

About the author

Dr. Jose Almeida, MD, FACS, RPVI, RVT is a veteran academic vascular surgeon who practices Endovascular Venous Surgery in Miami, FL. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery in both Vascular Surgery and General Surgery.

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